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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Our Lady of Holy Cross College

Copied from the Orleans forum:

Contact: Stanton McNeelyVice-president of Institutional Advancement & Planning 4123 Woodland Drive, New Orleans, LA 70131, Phone: (504)398-2298, Temporary

Our Lady of Holy Cross College is to re-open in January 2006 for Spring Semester

New Orleans, LA - September 7, 2005 - Our Lady of Holy Cross College plans to resume classes on January 9th for the beginning of the spring 2006 semester.

The College will have two full semesters of study, beginning in January and going into the summer, allowing students to take a full academic year of requirements - fall 2005 and spring 2006. The summer 2006 session will be comprised of a series of compressed courses. More details about academic advising for students can be found on the website (

There may be opportunities for Our Lady of Holy Cross College students to take courses at other colleges outside the state in the fall. All courses that fulfill requirements taken at accredited colleges or universities in the fall semester 2005 will be accepted at Our Lady of Holy Cross College.

For information: or contact: Phone: (504)398-2298

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Important info for Loyola, Tulane, Xavier, UNO, and Dillard

Loyola is officially closed for the semester. They are scheduled to reopen in January 2006. The website is back up and running in a limited capacity.

Loyola also announced that it will pay its faculty and staff through the fall (bless their hearts). If you don't have direct deposit, you need to contact them in their temporary offices in Alexandria, Louisiana--the address is on the website.

Loyola law students have a blog at

The message also contains information on specific arrangements made with LSU and the University of Houston to take students. Loyola also now has a blog,

Tulane has officially canceled its fall semester. Like Loyola, Tulane says their campus itself sustained only minor damage, but conditions in New Orleans make it impossible to resume operations at this time. Tulane's administration is currently operating out of Houston. The Tulane website is now back in operation in a limited capacity:

Tulane's blog is

Tulane also has information for its faculty and staff at
They are asking their faculty and staff to check in with them.

Xavier has also formally closed for the semester. Students will return in the spring taking the same classes they were registered for in the fall, according to Xavier's website.

Xavier now has an emergency website:

UNO reports that their campus, from aerial pictures, seems to be about 2/3 dry. As of Sept. 2, they still seem to be trying to reopen the campus sometime this semester, and mentioned electronic classes. The UNO website is back on line at They have posted a message to their students, faculty and staff at This message contains a FAQ section, UNO's administrators are currently operating out of Baton Rouge.

UNO is asking their employees to check in with them at

Dillard University has a message to its students, faculty and staff on its emergency website at As of this message, dated Sept. 2, they seem to be holding out hope of resuming operations sometime this semester, possibly in new locations.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

List of schools so far taking Loyola students

The Jesuits have posted a list of universities that have so far agreed to take Loyola New Orleans students for the fall semester, with the expectation that they will return to Loyola NO in the spring. It can be viewed at

The Houston paper reports that the national accreditation board for colleges and universities is strongly recommending that universities taking New Orleans students in as visitors waive their tuition if the students have already paid it to their New Orleans institution; this however has not been formally accepted, so check with the accepting school.

Btw, if you have younger children to be schooled, many nearby states are classifying our displaced kids as "homeless" so they can be enrolled wherever they are. Houston has redefined the "Houston area" to include the 70000-series zip codes to accommodate New Orleans-area children (we always knew they wanted to take us over) ;-)

-Shannon Duffy

Friday, September 02, 2005

New Links

Staint Louis accepting Loyola University NO students:

Louisiana State Police road closures:'s blog:

Red Cross' site for Katrina:

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Loyola New Orleans now has emergency web site

Loyola Emergency Page

Loyola University Emergency Contact Page




According to the President's Office at Loyola University Chicago, Loyola University New Orleans sustained minimal wind/storm surge damage from Hurricane Katrina. The major problem now is flooding around the school, sewage and sanitation, and electricity.
Other information provided by the President's Office of Loyola Chicago, (312) 915-6400:

There will most likely be no classes this semester at Loyola University New Orleans, although a formal decision has not yet been made.

All students that were evacuated from the New Orleans campus to Baton Rouge are safe; about 75% have already been transported to their homes or elsewhere.

AJCU, the National Jesuit organization, is hosting an emergency website concerning the school. It's address is

<>All of the Jesuit universities in the country will attempt to admit as many Loyola University New Orleans students as possible as non-matriculating visiting students for at least a semester, possibly a year if necessary. There are 28 universities in the system. A list of them is on

There is a statement from the AJCU President regarding Loyola New Orleans at and an update from Aug. 31 about Loyola New Orleans at

Loyola Chicago does not know if non-Jesuit schools will also offer visiting admission to Loyola NO students. You may wish to check with local institutions wherever you are. There are no Jesuit schools in the Texas area. The closest, Springhill University in Mobile, Alabama, is so far planning on commencing classes on Monday, Sept. 5.

There has also been a message posted from Tulane University President Cowen, which you can read at

The following are web links which may be of help in getting information on the New Orleans area:




Due to the communication problems caused by the hurricane, the loyno server may be down indefinitely. This means loyno emails are inaccessible as well. You may want to consider getting another address, if you don't already have one.

Any undergrad student still in the affected areas who can't contact their homes may contact me at and I'll try to get in touch with your families.

take care,

Shannon Duffy,

History Department,

Loyola University New Orleans