Sunday, September 04, 2005

Important info for Loyola, Tulane, Xavier, UNO, and Dillard

Loyola is officially closed for the semester. They are scheduled to reopen in January 2006. The website is back up and running in a limited capacity.

Loyola also announced that it will pay its faculty and staff through the fall (bless their hearts). If you don't have direct deposit, you need to contact them in their temporary offices in Alexandria, Louisiana--the address is on the website.

Loyola law students have a blog at

The message also contains information on specific arrangements made with LSU and the University of Houston to take students. Loyola also now has a blog,

Tulane has officially canceled its fall semester. Like Loyola, Tulane says their campus itself sustained only minor damage, but conditions in New Orleans make it impossible to resume operations at this time. Tulane's administration is currently operating out of Houston. The Tulane website is now back in operation in a limited capacity:

Tulane's blog is

Tulane also has information for its faculty and staff at
They are asking their faculty and staff to check in with them.

Xavier has also formally closed for the semester. Students will return in the spring taking the same classes they were registered for in the fall, according to Xavier's website.

Xavier now has an emergency website:

UNO reports that their campus, from aerial pictures, seems to be about 2/3 dry. As of Sept. 2, they still seem to be trying to reopen the campus sometime this semester, and mentioned electronic classes. The UNO website is back on line at They have posted a message to their students, faculty and staff at This message contains a FAQ section, UNO's administrators are currently operating out of Baton Rouge.

UNO is asking their employees to check in with them at

Dillard University has a message to its students, faculty and staff on its emergency website at As of this message, dated Sept. 2, they seem to be holding out hope of resuming operations sometime this semester, possibly in new locations.


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