Saturday, September 03, 2005

List of schools so far taking Loyola students

The Jesuits have posted a list of universities that have so far agreed to take Loyola New Orleans students for the fall semester, with the expectation that they will return to Loyola NO in the spring. It can be viewed at

The Houston paper reports that the national accreditation board for colleges and universities is strongly recommending that universities taking New Orleans students in as visitors waive their tuition if the students have already paid it to their New Orleans institution; this however has not been formally accepted, so check with the accepting school.

Btw, if you have younger children to be schooled, many nearby states are classifying our displaced kids as "homeless" so they can be enrolled wherever they are. Houston has redefined the "Houston area" to include the 70000-series zip codes to accommodate New Orleans-area children (we always knew they wanted to take us over) ;-)

-Shannon Duffy


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